Making a living

Making a living in the post apocalyptic world
MAL: fallout PnP

A down and out party of bounty hunters, down to their last caps, was thrown a bone by a Mr Grey. A simple enough assingment. Or so it seemed …

The job was to retrieve Mr Grey’s supposed wife needless to say thats just when things got going and in this case so did the teams two and only heavies. As the valiant hero (and brains of the operation) tried to climb the side of the building and subsequently fell knocking himself out, did our two brave bodyguards come to his aid? No they legged it. When the gun carrying girls returned, Kyon was awake and coming to terms with being the prisoner without a jailer in the basement of the gangs hideout. The two ladies, Debie and Martine, decided to shoot blindly (as in without looking first) and due to an error of angles the bounty hunter known as Martine Riggs managed to shoot her and she bled out on the floor.

The distraction of the girls shooting gave Kyon the chance to sneak through the base killing several guards as he went eventually capturing a hunting rifle and finishing the last of them off.

With the bad news about Mr Grey’s ‘Wife’ the team returned and were told to leave before they were shot… in the nicest possible way.

After some deliberation the party decided to take possession of the gangs hideout finding it had a vault-tek water purifier and a heavily rusted generator in the basement, both with parts missing and in need of some serious cleaning. It was while investigating the base they had a knock at the door. Suspicious, and rightly so, they opened it to find …..

A small but well dressed man flanked by two body guards, who looked like they had been living off buffout their whole lives.


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