Making a living

Making a living in the post apocalyptic world

MAL: fallout PnP

A down and out party of bounty hunters, down to their last caps, was thrown a bone by a Mr Grey. A simple enough assingment. Or so it seemed …

The job was to retrieve Mr Grey’s supposed wife needless to say thats just when things got going and in this case so did the teams two and only heavies. As the valiant hero (and brains of the operation) tried to climb the side of the building and subsequently fell knocking himself out, did our two brave bodyguards come to his aid? No they legged it. When the gun carrying girls returned, Kyon was awake and coming to terms with being the prisoner without a jailer in the basement of the gangs hideout. The two ladies, Debie and Martine, decided to shoot blindly (as in without looking first) and due to an error of angles the bounty hunter known as Martine Riggs managed to shoot her and she bled out on the floor.

The distraction of the girls shooting gave Kyon the chance to sneak through the base killing several guards as he went eventually capturing a hunting rifle and finishing the last of them off.

With the bad news about Mr Grey’s ‘Wife’ the team returned and were told to leave before they were shot… in the nicest possible way.

After some deliberation the party decided to take possession of the gangs hideout finding it had a vault-tek water purifier and a heavily rusted generator in the basement, both with parts missing and in need of some serious cleaning. It was while investigating the base they had a knock at the door. Suspicious, and rightly so, they opened it to find …..

A small but well dressed man flanked by two body guards, who looked like they had been living off buffout their whole lives.


Can I play ?

Also this link might be useful for the wiki:


(I fancy being a ghoul, with the traits Bloody Mess & Finesse. Don’t know if you are including non-humans in the campaign.)


No problem just turn up Monday. Ghouls are fine dare I say we have a sniper?


I am looking up the character generation at the moment. Sniper looks like a good option because my strength based attacks will be woeful. (I am off sick fom work so I thought I might as well have a go, can you send me an invite to the campaign here and I will put up what I amange of a character concept.)


Reading about a bit, we starting lvl 1 – about 7500 starting cash ? (With rare items needing serious justification.)


Nope all players start with the woeful sum of just 750 caps. You will be joining JJ, Stacy and Tabby who began the story a few weeks ago as merc’s/guns for hire/People with brains who know so need some brawn around to survive in this world. The Three of them will effectivly be your employers or how every they want to ‘contract’ your character is up to them.


Which version of fallout will we be using ? v1 ?


Yup. the percentile system now the GURPS or D20 system drivil.


not the GURPS or D20 sorry hit wrong key.


Thanks – don’t suppose you have a link to the rules ?


Actually scratch that, I have found it I think: same site also has printable character sheets. has everything you need except the sheet.


Just had a look at the one you mentioned… I wish it only had 82 pages in the rule book. Mine has 157. The Wiki page I gave seemes to be more complete.


Got a link the the wiki page with the rules up now. Just looking for a Character sheet.


Could i just have a try at the game as ive always wanted to play fallout but im still not 18 – :( ? If you find me annoying because im so ignorant then just say and ill keep to something i know better. Just a thought tho as i would like something to fill the void left by the pushback of SR. If too many join please tell me and ill step out.


yeah sure. The books are on the wiki page along with the character sheet PDF download site. Basic brief is that the world was a harsh and unforgiving place before and now we have a had a nuke party all over the world so things managed to get even more cut throat. People in the game will be trying to kill you just for your shoes. You will be hired by the three already preasent in the game world and it will be Role played so make a good impression on your employers or they will fire your ass… cant remember if anyone has a flame thrower…(checks notes)looks like you will be safe :P


doh slaps head – Fridayknight, I assumed you were in your twenties and just a bit daffy. I am so crap at guessing people’s ages.


lol give it a few years :P besides at his age its a compliment to be thought of as older get to my age and its grounds for a slap. (Rolls eyes)


It is a compliment if she doesnt say im daffy. :D


daffy duck? oooh can I call you daffy duck?


Awww spoil sport.


Oh friday night I forgot to mention try to stick to Human or ghoul for character creation.


Im going for human boxer, how will this fit in?


Like any other Thug from the area we will start in. You have lived this long so if you live long enough you might learn something. If you are hand to hand the bare in mind you will need to get close to your opponent and if they are sporting something that fires alot of bullets very quickly then you will be doing a lot of hiding. On the other hand if they have a knife with any luck you will turn them into mince Brahmin. Its up to you at the end of the day to make the best of any situation I can throw at you be it gun fight, sneaking into an Enclave base, shooting the gun mounted on the back of the tank your group just nicked or beating information out of some one.


I note with out start up cash there is little point in buying a rifle, regardless of sniperly aspirations – so I am going for cheap ranged weapons and a very good knife. I am intending to tag small guns, thrown and sneak.


All good choices. Weapons come as the game progresses. A bounty hunter/merc that is just starting out never has a mini gun (Unless you start as a member of one of the high tech factions) but in that case you will have it and every one will try to kill you for it.


how many traits/perks are we allowed? And the wiki doesnt give the prices for the armour so how much and how rare can we get?


Actually I might take traps instead of sneak.


What happens if when i tag a skill it goes over 100%?


No perk at first level. none, one or up to two traits. As for the armour I will have to write up the base price list.


In the pared down book leather armour is 700, whereas the leather jacket is 250. To me it looked like the only viable choice was leather jacket. I am thinking in terms of: *Leather jacket (250) *Combat knife (165) *Bola (10) *Boomerang (15) *Lighter (10) *Sling (20) *Frag grenade (150) *Shiv x 5 (10)


It means you are actually good at it. While playing the game you get conditional mods. ie; you are trying to throw a knife at some one in a dark cave. you get -40% or some such for light and another -25% because they are in cover making it 65% subtract 65 from your skill and thats your to hit roll vs Armour class.


aye thats right. leather jacket is the highest you will want to go if you intend to buy anything else


what are the best/available melee weapons? I have 140% skill in it and base damage of 9 so i think im good at it.


What?? I think not.


wait a sec, i have 120% for melee, 140% for unarmed.


should i tag the worst skills i have to make them at least normal (ie barter 12).


The highest any starting skill can possibly be for a human is 90%


uhm, i think ive made a mistake then. strength 10, agility 10. 30 + 2X(ag x st) = 30+(20X2) = 70. tagged makes it 140.


And that is with str 10 agility 10 and having unarmed tagged. 30+2x(str+AG)


tagging only adds 20. afraid it does not double the starting score.


” Each tag skill value is immediately doubled after calculation” i what i read, ill change them now.


Ok thats broke… I will find a copy not on wiki. but yeah sorry my fault tagging adds 20.


it also has some of the calculations for skills different to the sheet you found, i dont know which to trust. Ive done it by the sheet.


Good choice. Found the rule link I meant to put up will be there in a mo.


Done. Its all downloadable there too.


Have checked the important information on the revised link and is identical to the rule book we are using. Sorry for the screw up my bad.


Right kids I am off will be back to answer questions and the like tomorrow for now I am off to a club of questionable moral conduct and I don’t want to be late.


have fun, and dont come near my house drunk.


Have a good night Last


Looks and sounds fun! If there’s room, sign me up. Although I’ve never played fallout beyond about 1/2 and hour of the first game, so Fridayknight, you’re not on your own not being familiar with the specific setting. Still, if you’ve seen one post apocalyptic nuclear wasteland you’ve seen them all.


Hiring: Specialist’s. Must be willing to risk life and limb. See the world, meet interesting people and kill them. Excellent Wages and Bonuses for the right applicants. Apply: Kyon ‘Johnny’ Kuragari.


I’ve never played fallout before either.


Its easy to learn, impossible to master.. like drinking Martini. (chuck reference ignore me)


Uhm, are we using the sheets with the errata rules concering the different parts of skills (eg. Science, learn)?


Also are we using cyborg rules?


And also are we using traits from other books (eg enclave)?


Are you a cyborg?


Are you a member of the enclave?


No, for both, but the traits are also for other characters other than enclave. Rambo trait looks real nice to me.


The traits in the enclave book are for Enclave citizens. As for the Cyborg traits you answered that question on your own. Well done. As for the question on skills no we are sticking to the skill set on the PDF sheet on the link I posted.


Are all those traits just for enclavers, wow thats about the same amount as the first book’s traits.


Yup we sticking to the basic ones especilly for your first game. Unless you want the full enemy lists and have to learn rule for almost 200 perks, traits and skills? But yes we are sticking with the 2.0 core rules. Later I will run a game that includes all the skills traits ect but for every ones first game I think the basic’s will be sufficent.


Good, i was very befuddled by the restricted rules.


aye you need to have played fallout 1, 2 and tactics to grasp some of them.


I haven’t quite finished specifying Splash but I hope to have something near usable by Monday


In the first set of rules I read the Ghoul got 42 character points but that doesn’t seem to be the case, with this set.


It seems to me that unarmed is such a waste of time as even an average character can get 60+% at creation. This is annoying as a melee/unarmed specialist should be different, not just an extra 10% which seems pretty bad gain for 6 more attribute points. Also, are we playing the errata rules for equipment, as i could be saving 50caps on one of my weps (also losing some damage and gaining range).


Also, even though you have said no already, it would be really useful to me to have the rambo trait. It means i wont get shot and killed before i can even reach them but if it’s too overpowered then ill stop.


I have changed my charater a bit, taken skilled trait instead of Bloody Mess. Do our APs ever go up, because if not I am always going to struggle to use small guns.


If you can get your agility up then your aps will go up too. Training is long and hard (1 point per perk).


or you could take the action boy perk



Not sure, as I’m not familiar with the background, but how’s religion faring after the apocalypse? I’m just thinking some doomsday preacher might be fun to play. After all, mankind is clearly damned, yet despite the evidence staring everyone in the face, so few people choose to repent their sins…

Also, would anyone be uncomfortable with brining religion to the gaming table? If so, PM either myself (or if you’d rather I guess PM Last and he can tell me) and I won’t do it.

Haven’t quite figured out why he’d be running with a group of mercs, I just wanted to find out if this was feasable before putting too much effort into the character. Perhaps I’m also after the first person you a chosen to hunt, with the view of giving him a good talking to.


There are no perks at fist level. you dont get any until 3rd some times 4th.


There are some new religions, you could see the organizations section (part4) of the main book from the download. Included are the BOS, Enclave, NCR, Church of the Mushroom cloud, raiders, slavers, guardians, tribes.


Or in splash’s case, 5th.


My agility is at my racial maximum, Friday, so I don’t think there is scope for me to increase it with buffs – I am scuppered for small guns unless the stats increase with level, or skills increase quickly.

D_S For what it’s worth, I am a Christian and I think you charcter concept sounds great fun. Perhaps he could be a con artist, or just obsessed by one kind of sin. Alternatively his beef could just be with heretics, you lot maybe sinners but at least you haven’t become part of these perverted new cults etc.


I was thinking maybe a more Amnish anti-tech sort of leaning, although that doesn’t mean I can’t strike down some hertics too!

I’ll wait until the session tomorrow to work out stats, from the sound of it it doesn’t take too long. I’ll also come up with a backup concept in case anyone does object. Should be especially quick with a strong concept to start from.


you will get 5+2xINT rounded down skill points every level. 3+half END rounded down hit points per level.


Turns out that learning to spell is an important first step. I did of course mean Amish.


I think you can be forgiven considering you have all been put through mine :P


you are coming from Amn, 2+ to thievery for you!


what, stupid formatting.


D_S, I am hiring Specialists, so theres no reason a Chaplain of some kind wouldn’t fit :). After All, Father Mulcahy was a series regular on MASH.

Personally I am a big fan of the Church of Atom. “Bask in the glow of Atom’s divine light”.... {*cough}*


Is this just your team you are hiring as you’re going to have a small army compared to the other two. And on that point, how good are those wages you mentioned, why not put a price on it?


Where exactly is the campaign set? This may allow me to come up with a better backstory than “got bored of boxing” (this isnt what it is for now though).


So yeah, my agility is going to suck – and therefore my action points are going to suck – for the whole of recorded time. (Maybe I should consider being human ….)


action points 8 is not bad. its your basic move action and standard (3 move 5 shoot). humans would only get 2 more (me included) if you max out agility.


BUt then how do you nd up with weapons with 20 AP ?


What other two? White and Grey? Or Martine and Debbie?

Hiring a small army is exactly what I intend to do. I figure thats the whole point of being a Mercenary Captain. Having a team to work with, where we cover each others weaknesses, and each provide something valuable to the quad.

And the Wages will vary based upon what exactly the Character can provide for the Squad. A Cook is not going to be offered the same wage as a Doctor, for example. We can live on Basic Rations, but a Doctor is valuable.

And Zeff, maybe they just takle multiple turns to fire. 8AP this turn, 8AP Next turn and 4AP the turn after… better hope nothing changes in that time. (Just a Theory)


OK – what do you reckon to splash so far – reasonably good fighter style guy ?


(I suppose I could train doctor instead of small guns …)


For the other two i meant that if you max out agil for human you only get 2 more Ap than if you had 8 agil (as Splash has).


Zeff, for someone aiming to be a sniper perhaps a gun might come in handy. Also, how do have get 30sp per level? by calculation you should get 5+ 7*2 +5 = 24. Im not sure i can do much other than fight, as my next highest (non-combat) non-tag skill is steal at 30%. Hopefully ill prove useful in a fight. Im trying to boot up my stealth when/if i lvl.


I copied JJ’s sheet I haven’t altered that line yet – what is SP ?


SP = Skill Points. My build is maxed out for smarts and learning, including quirks to max them out at the expense of combat potential, and Perks. He’s the “Hannibal Smith”. The man with the plan who does, and can.


My character (Provisionally named ‘Olaf’) is a doctor of sorts. Sadly his decent medical bag was nicked by raiders, so he’s looking for some tougher people to hang around with.


Dom, Fighters are always useful in a Merc team. I don’t think we have someone especially well suited for Melee yet. You could fill the “BA Baracus” slot… Big, Strong, Breaks Things.

Repairman, Doctor, Pilot/Driver; Useful abilities that are also under represented so far. Though open to pretty much any type of specialist (which is why the advert is so vague, letting you come up with something, special).


Right well I’d just tagged Doctor but if Sociolist has that covered I’ll change it back to melee. That will give me small guns, melee and thrown tagged. I have the skilled trait so good basic all rounder. However, my AC is only 17%. What I shall need in my life, is armour, sharpish. My skill points per level come out 24 and HP per level are 6. I have racial maximums on strength on and agility.


Excellent Frances! We SHOULD Be able to provide decent Medical Facilities …{cough} ... kinda. The Base isnt’t yet up to spec. We only just took it over from the previous occupants. But its not TOO bad, if you don’t expect your own room, or more than half a roof over your head…


My melee is now 78%


I can put 16 SP into it when I level up ….


If you tagged melee then for every one skill point you put into it then it will go up by two percent. that is the beauty of tag skills they grow at twice the rate of anything else allowing a character to specialise in things.


Yes, I assuming you’d not need to go over 100%


Sometimes you do. Hitting subtracts the Armour Class from the attack role or some such… or locks, in the case of lockpicking, can subtract from your score, so by going over 100%, you ensure more consistency.

I am intending my Sneak to go to around 200% before I stop. Kyon the Ninja! LOL.


Im making a sheet with all info about the neighboring towns in word format, does anyone want a copy as well (ill send it via mail).


Please dude. would be damned useful/


I want this:

MESON Cannon Value: 16000 Another experimental weapon, the MESON Cannon is a shoulder-fired weapon of incredible destructive power. It shoots MESONs, which are made up of two quarks – a quark and an antiquark. Since normal protons are made up of three quarks, the addition of a MESON into a normal proton causes the atom to begin exploding at close to the speed of light, leaving nothing but quarks. Note that the MESON Cannon cannot be targeted. Single shot only. The MESON Cannon holds 10 charges, and uses Micro Fusion Cells to recharge. Min. ST: 6 W: 30 lbs. Dmg: 5d10+100 Rng: 50 AP S: 6 T: N/A B: N/A


Or even better: 152mm Shillelagh Missile System W: 3000 lbs. Dmg: 20d20+50 to everything within 25 meters of explosion, 1d6 concussion damage to everything within 100 meters. Rng: 3 KM AP S: 6 T: N/A B: N/A


Unfortunately I don’t think there’s going to be any of either type lying around, meaning to get one we will have to kill someone with one and loot it from their corpse. I don’t really rate our chances of taking anyone armed with such equipment…


Hmmm, that may be a problem, whats the range of these things :)


Well, my crossbow has a range of 60m, so I could stand out of range of someone with a MESON cannon and plink away until they die. Assuming they don’t have state of the art armour. Or a rifle. Or move. I don’t fancy our chances. I think if we meet anyone with one of these we should do exactly as they say.


or at least “appear to”.


i like your blitz spirit, instead for you its like standing outside a air raid shelter just waiting for the bomb to fall.


wasn’t that 135 years ago???


Well, welcome to the team, Guys (and gals).

Some of you have already proven your worth. Some of you are veering dangerously towards liability… Some of you have managed to do both! (Neat trick!)


Hmm, i wonder what group im in … i think ive done the liability but have i proved myself?


Dont forget that you need to wipe those smgs off your equipment list, they’re ‘ours’ (not for me) now. Feel like lending me some trousers?


After how quickly you lost the smg, what’d be the point?

Besides, self sufficiency is a virtue.


Trousers are a virtue. I didnt ask for the smg anyways. And its not like you wanted one peacher-boy.


They came off the equipment lists when they were handed out. They didn’t cost me anything, so I don’t mind not getting them back. It’s more the ability to LOSE valuable equipment within HOURS of being given it… that I object to… Thats SOME talent!


Even I was supprised some one managed to get their kit off so quickly and I know several swingers.


I meant your online equipment lists JJ.

nice one Last XD


yes, so did I. I rubbed gthem off My equipment list on the paper character sheets on monday.


“•SMG (x6) •6 Clips of 30 10mm JHP for SMGs ” this is still on there at the bottom, this is what i meant.


Does anyone know a good place (apart from owning the games) to get a proper image of my character, it helps me get in the mood if i can see who i am.


Elfwood has a good gallery of sci fi and fantasy artists.

and I’ll get round to updating the electronic copy of Kyon eventually, its not a high priority. I don’ get home until 7pm at night, weekdays, asnd its only so people can get a feel for the character anyway. There’s lots NOT on that sheet thats on the paper copy.


I know how hard it is to get on to a computer sometimes. ill check it out.


Someone was saying about the lack of muscle in the team, the character I’ve rolled up at the last meet I attended is a meathead with a penchant for clubs and electricity ;-)

Hopefully this fits the bill!


Sorry, im awfully forgetful. Are you the guy with the docter Jake, the driver or the guy that first arrived in shadowrun starting session?


NP, the latter. I believe Sciolist has the Doctor, tho I don’t think he’s called Jake?


we have 2 Docs now. One of Dans friends from work rolled one up during the starter session. Though he seemed more interested in poisons than helping people heal. So perhaps “Doctor” and “Poisoner” would be a more apt description of the two.

Peoples contracts might need to change, because of influx of new hirelings. it’s now impossible to give you all 10% of the take, as theres more than 9 of you (and no, not gonna give up My own cut). (8 on list, plus Driver Guy and Poisoner Guy).

Might have to drop it down to 9% to make sure I can pay you all. ot a major pay cut, but thought it fair to pre-warn. Kyon tries to do right by his hirelings… Assuming they don’t completely let him down/betray him.


Im fine with this, but what is your cut? and do we still get to keep what we can loot?


Dan’s mate Rob plays Jake – The Doctor/Poisoner in raider armour. I play Olaf – The pleasant and nice Doctor that arranged the caravan entertainment enabling Joe to win back his leather jacket.

The Two Doctors also have a Brahmin+cart that we may be able to sell favourably at Vault(Volt?) City.

Maybe we should do something contradictory, then we could be a Pair o’docs. <rimshot>


vault city is how it’s spelt, although i cant comment seeing how i spelt doctor as docter.


You will have to wait to find out how good the markets are in vault city. Though you may be pair o’ shot docs if something horrid happens :P
My prototype game boards are in yay!! :D currently only have A2 size with a white background but currently waiting on funds to get the A0+ sized ones made with either a grass, dessert or city scape background.


My cut is the same 9%. And the TEAM keeps what it loots, not the individual members. We need to play smart and assign any takings where they can do the most good.


Which is why we have ‘thinky guy’ heading up the team.

As to the split, should we just settle on equal cuts for all survivors? It’s entirely possible for some lots of us to die… Perhaps the base should get a cut or two too? Funds that can be used to do it up and make it more secure, benefiting us all?

Oh, and I know Rob from a previous role-playing group that disintegrated, not work. A fondness for poison does seem to be a recurring theme for his characters.


The cut at the moment is 9% per person, with the base getting anything left over (I think we have 10 Characters, so the Base gets a 10% cut, for improvements, (like re-roofing)) If any Characters do not survive (due to own actions, or bad guys) then their share gets split equally amongst surviovors. If another PC is responsible (such as trying to increase own cut, by offing team mates) then BOTH parties cuts are void and split amongst everyone else.

We will need a chain of command establishing too. As Kyon cannot be everywhere at once. When I see how we all work, that is.


Well that’s a good incentive to play nicely together.

Glad the base is getting something. I’d like a roof. And a kitchen. And a roof garden, so we can grow our own vegetables, making us more self sufficient.


The plan is maybe to expand and make a compound out of it eventually, too.

Kinda “absorb” the surrounding buildings and reinforce the Defensive position.


Oh and Deacon, the Doctors do NOT get to go anywhere near the kitchen, when its made.


Maybe they could have their own kitchen? In the building on the other side of the street?

Hmm, a religious extremist in his own compound. What could go wrong there?


You’d have to be Waco to think anything could go wrong…


So long as it doesn’t get surrounded by trigger happy folks with big guns it should all be ok.


Hey! the Doctors aren’t mad – it was a miscommunication about the plan for the caravan! Olaf thought we were still trying to steal everything.


It’s already surrounded by triggerhappy folks with big guns…. its in Reno! Sorry, I meant the Den!


Is it only me that gets worried when the docs’ plan A is to poison everyone, kill ‘em while they’re too weak to resist and then loot their stuff?

Oh, and Jacob is now pretty much complete. Just need to come up with a name for his village (XXXXX is just a placeholder), and any other (hopefully minor) changes people can spot!


Personally I prefer the “shoot the bad guys and/or the people we are hired to shoot, take their stuff, and not wait around for poison to take effect.” approach. Or, even more preferablhy, the “sneak around and kill them before they realise you’re there” approach.


So long as they’re bad people, the deacon won’t have a problem with either of these approaches.


Last, is it still possible for me to change my stats on my character because ive thought a bit and come up with a more efficient way (sorry for my little munchkin) that still fits the character. Base-building definately sounds fun to me, id like a gym with a boxing ring.


It’s not really the ‘done thing’ to re-create a character after its started play, unless there’s a major rules revision (such as the constant additions of stuff in the PHB series in DnD). Maybe save the revamp for if you want/need to create another one?


ok, i knew it wasnt good but i was just asking. Meh, whatever, i still have a pretty hard thug to play with.


I actually think your thug is pretty solid. Though because he is a thug that specialises in hand to hand, he shouldn’t be unescorted. He needs someone to watch his back.


He was going to be even more solid in my second build (maxed strength, end and agil) but you are definately right that i need someone with a gun to help otherwise im sniper-bait (i would actually have to run all the way up to the gunner just to do damage). Ill need to put some skill points into sneak so that i wont die (also looking at a perk that is uber-cool but i may have to wait until 20+ lvls).


As long as he isnt a psycho, and listens to a calm, professional voice of reason, he can always hire on as Kyons Bodyguard. Kyon’s melee skills are pants. As are his physical stats, other than Agility. His previous guards, tend to run away at the first sign of trouble.


That reminds me… Must try to locate someone who sells Impact Gloves or Adamantine Claws…


Im up for that so long as i can get a hand on some of those babies. Im going to be wolverine!


That would be good. If they were built into your arms at least you couldn’t loose them! ;)


It was for you I was going to try to locate them, dude. They are little to no use to me. The target would have to be Brahmin sized and not moving for me to stand a chance of hitting…


I wonder what else is brahmin sized, hmmm … maybe you should kill some deathclaws.


Noo00! Don’t kill the cutesy deathclaws – it might be my next character!


lol, the cutesy deathclaws. Back to the base topic, what other components do we need for the water purifier and where in/out of the den is it located?


It’s downstairs in the Den, and working, though it hadn’t been for a while… its things like… kitchen, Bathroom, locks, roof, that kind of thing that are next on the list. Oh, the Power Plant could probably do with a few components. Nothing too expensive, a couple of thousand capsshould do it.


lol, a couple thousand caps is alot to someone who has been stripped clean by Jet addicts.


Hmm, are we confusing our terminology here? We have the den, our home base, and the Den, the city said base is in.

Why should he kill some cutesy deathclaws? There’s plenty of stuff trying to kill us without us going out of our way to piss anything else off! All of gods creatures are blessed in his eyes, save those who have sinned yet will not repent.


Because Deathclaws have sinned and i don’t know many who repent. They can be judged on their actions as they are sentient enough to have a language and most will have killed. Im pretty sure that “Thou shalt not kill” goes against their nature.


You’re assuming the Deacon’s copy of the bible has that particular page.

In fact, you’re assuming he’s actually ever seen a bible…


yes. I like your subtitle for Jacob.


perhaps his copy has a typo: thou shalt net sin. His copy therefore suggests that internet porn is a blessing according to the commandments…


Internet is pretty much gone though.


But the lord is infallible, and the bible is the word of the lord, so all versions must be true. Anyone who doubts this will need “educating” as to the sinfulness of their ways.


Wait a sec, where in the bible does it say that technology is bad? Oh and education better not happen to Joe otherwise you may have a drop-out.



Oh, and it’s there multiple times. For instance, Corinthians 2:11 “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” (emphasis mine)

Carthaginians 4:09 “The dragon shall tempt you with material things, and they will offer to ease the path in this world, though they shall taint you, and bar you from the kingdom of heaven. Spurn such devices, and tear them down, for thou shalt not suffer the works of Satan to exist”

Incidentally, Revelations 16:15 “Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame.” Looks like I already have some educating to do.

And out of character, the real bible has no passage called Carthaginians. It requires a very narrow interpretation of any passages to suggest that technology is bad. Like everything else in the fallout world, religion has become a twisted mockery of it’s present day existence. That said there are loud shouty people who call themselves christian and decry as tools of the devil anything they disagree with, and they are in the world today…


Seriously, you spent some time reseaching the bible! Anyway, i dont care it’s your character that will have a stake through him if he continues to anger everyone (except splash ATM).


Yup, about 15 minutes. Google is a wonderful thing! So far the only folk I’ve angered are yourself with the all night sermon, and the “doctors” after I threw out their “medicine”. I think the docs are now happy after I organised the gambling for them to profit from your belligerence, and you’re naked, so I can’t take any threats from you all that seriously.

I do expect people to get annoyed at my character (in character that is, I hope I don’t annoy anyone out of character), I gave him a low charisma to reflect the fact he is generally quite irritating. Nonetheless he is still useful, and won’t actively work against the party. If Joe is the sort to ram a stake through someone just for being irritating, then I think Kyon might have a few choice words to say to him, the last of which will probably be “off”.


I should imagine you would be spouting really quite a lot of the book of revealations … You could quote a bit of the Bagvhad Gita too “we are become the destroyers of worlds ..”


You could have given me some pants whilst you sermonned me, or are pants the devil’s devices? The docs seem to be happy people, just perhaps not the most sensible for their tasting of the ‘soup’.

I didn’t say i would ram the stack through him, maybe a raider who just happened to snake through the front row of the scrum or some jet addicts. Now that would be ironic (BTW in DND can we deal extra damage for irony – eg +1d4 extra dmg for use of certain firey small peoples, burning halflings, as thrown weapons against giants)? I don’t want to mess with Kyon, he’s not just all our boss but he’s also the one with the cash and guns.


Yeah, you should really be working the Good Samaritan angle here. You were beaten, abused and deprived of clothes – but it was the happy doctors who patched you up, lent ypou a leather jacket and a weapon and provided a forum in which to shine while on Caravan.


‘The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves (to other peoples stuff)’

See – He is on My side!


*mental note – need to purchase printing press, ink and paper, to print new “Kyon” Edition Bibles.


Thank you very much docs, still you could have given me some clothes before you tried to make money out of me (ie before we tried to join as guards, cause i only was allowed when he luckily saw ma gunz).


Maybe he looked at you and knowing he needed insane people for such a dangerous trek, though to himself… “hello, I can clearly see you’re nuts”...


lol! i hope you meant that joke.


Hello all! My name is Jake and i play ‘Driver Guy’ (although my character Stasia, might be offended, being female). Thought i’d sign up and say hello – what a crack team of professional bounty hunters we are. Whoever thought a cocunut based chocolate bar would become so prized in a post apocolyptic future – boom boom. Sorry. Enjoyed the last session – despite having no idea what i’ve got myself into! Gouls with sex appeal, gambling priests and poisonous doctors – not to mention the antics of Smokin Joe the naked boxer. What happens about experience points? The next session is the 19th right?

If were making a wish list for the base i’d add a garage with workshop and an armour plated attack ferrari.

OK, bye!


We’d need to claim more square footage for a garage, wanna look into capturing one of the surrounding buildings to convert?


Oh and do you want your ferrari to be petrol powered, easily done!


sure, assuming i’m not killed or bored to death driving brahmin around the desert, a forged letter from the local council serving an eviction notice should be fine. Or maybe a more forceful approach…..

I’m thinking a nuclear powered ferrari would stand less of a chance of running out in the middle of nowhere! Although since my robin reliant can do 250kph i would be worried out warping space time in a sports car. Well, not that worried.

Last, can i get put on the list of players? It just makes it easier to find the campaign each time i log in. Thanks!


When Last logs in, he’ll send you an invite to the ‘table’... or you could just bookmark/favourite this page…


Is next week a continue of this campaign? Im looking forward to more jet addicts ambushing, just for the driver lady this time! Or the ghoul, mmmm rotten flesh. I wonder if ill get stabbed in my sleep whilst im on the caravan, i may have made fools out of some people …


Yup. assuming that James is better, it will be Fallout next Monday.

He was absent with a buggered up back on Monday.


Have spoken with James. He is feeling Much better, it will be Fallout this week.


It seems now that i dont need to return my borrowed armour, ive earnt more than i did fighting by just letting idiots shoot the police. Maybe i should just be a tag-along corpse scavenger …


Yes, we can die at you with our 750 cap starting cash!


excellent, its much better than buying my way to a howitzer using trowsers!


i would just like to pay my respects to a great doctor and magnificent disrespecter of the law. While the untimely death of our poisons expert may grant us peace of mind during meal times, his tireless (yet ultimately futile) efforts to earn an honest living in the face of violent beaurocracy is a lesson to us all. What that lesson is is less clear however, given this campaign is called ‘making a living in the post apocalyptic world’ it should definately give us all pause for thought when it comes to unauthorised advertising. RIP.


...ponders what kind of ‘expert’ poisons themselves instead of the enemy… ...or picks fights with combat shotgun wielding ruffians, while wearing absolutely no armour…


i know, but i didn’t want to speak ill of the dead during the online funeral….thought i’d at least wait for the wake….i hope his family have organised a decent buffet….


This is monday’s campaign right?


yup, Dom, or at least, supposed to be.


Kinda hoping it is, I’m still doing some prep for the next D&D session and need the time!


Hey, just to let you (James) know but i have to get up early for an exam on tuesday so could i leave early (say 9pm)? If you dont want the flitting then i can just miss this one.


Just to let you know but ive just finished the exam and it went well. Thanks for the luck ;)


And what did we learn from last nights escapade? When you throw Joe down a lift shaft, make sure theres no metal grille at the top for him to bounce into….


WHAT!!!!! I went back to the city didn’t I, at the end of last time? Plus, who had the strength to lift and battle the almighty smokin’ Joe Flechetti? It must have taken you a herd of brahmin (or maybe you just tricked him with some candy).


Or just pushed, while trying to escape a halon-filled level of the Vault… We needed a volunteer to go first. The shaft was an experimental Maglev tube…


yes, but we eeded more weight… you kinda bounced off the magfield… we ALL had to go down together… as you were still in the tube at the time, you ended up on the bottom… thanks for the soft landing :)

Oh, and we are now the proud companions of Victor 15 Tango Alpha (I think thats what his name was… though Splash and Martine call him Sausage for some reason). An experimental Bodyguard-class Android (played by Dan after the death of the Preacher Man)


Preaher died???? First, whoopie, on behalf of all good citizens! Secondly, is the robot a gunner or a puncher?


Yeah… in a Blaze of Glory, killing a draconic creature withy a sharp stick…


The Dan-Droid is a shooter. Bodyguards don’t do too well if they have no ranged abilities :)


Wow, i see how he died in his beliefs – holding of the mighty injustices of the technological draconic creatures with the underdog’s staff of purity. Shame he died.


is it bad that i made a cyborg human that has 119% small guns at first level and immunity to poison , gas and a healing rate of 18. This experiment in min-maxing has been brought to you by 1-luck studios.


Pah, it wasn’t the dragon that got him, as his hand was guided by the lord himself and the beast was despatched with a single thrust of my trusty stick, even after it had shrugged off the effects of the rest of the party’s blasphemous tech. (Alright, so I might have got lucky on the critical hit table, but that thing still had 400 odd hps after it had soaked up 2 rounds of shooting on full auto!)

After slaying the dragon, Jacob went on to do good works by spraying a couple of litres of water over a top end computer system. The heretics he was with took exception to this for some reason, and Splash spread all of Jacob’s sticky red insides over an impressively wide area, thoroughly living up to her name.

JayJay’s recollection of Victor 15 Tango Alpha’s name, and bemusement of his “sausage” appellation is entirely accurate. He is indeed a ranged ‘bot, and as far as I know, the only party member with a decent skill in big guns. Wether anyone’s brave enough to issue him with a big gun before the wrinkles have been ironed out of his programming is another matter.


Wow, how did splash do that? I got the idea she was kind of ‘thinky not do’y’, anyways why is VISTA (i know your secret pro-apple advertising!!) called sausages? So you think the OS vista is crinkly? Maybe ill make Man-made Android Cleaner 5 – United Kleaning Services … ;)


She pointed her SMG in Jacob’s direction and held the trigger down for a few seconds, clearly demonstrating the superiority of full autofire in enclosed spaces.

And I’m not saying anything bad about V15TA, he’s working perfectly within the defined parameters. If the users have defined the parameters badly, that’s not the computer’s fault! And I really don’t know how he came to be called sausages, you’d have to ask Stacey that one.


The full auto didnt work out well when poisoner tried it … but it did hit. Does Vista have ctrl-alt-delete functions or do i have to take some science skills :)

On a more serious note, who is trained in repair and science skills? From memory i would say the the driver lady has repair and the doctor has science, but im not sure.


Repair and Science would be Kyon. The same person who programmed the “secret” Laws of Robotics” into its core programming (with apologies to Asimov), but with 10 levels of effect, not just 3. Designed to be buggy as hell (out of character) to allow Dan some fun (in character). V15TA is now accompanying Kyon very closely.


A little TOO closely, at times.


Poisoner wasn’t very skilled with small guns, and was shooting for someone in military grade body armour who was hiding behind his “friend”, whilst Splash is quite skilled, had Jacob bang to rights and was shooting at someone wearing a big dress for protection.

He may have ctrl, alt & del functions, no-one’s tried yet. Although what he thinks your intentions are may affect how he reacts to any re-programming attempts. He’s already got into a fight with an arm that he felt was attacking him (and rather embarrassingly needed Splash to help him out).


Poisoner wasn’t very skilled with small guns, and was shooting for someone in military grade body armour who was hiding behind his “friend”, whilst Splash is quite skilled, had Jacob bang to rights and was shooting at someone wearing a big dress for protection.

He may have ctrl, alt & del functions, no-one’s tried yet. Although what he thinks your intentions are may affect how he reacts to any re-programming attempts. He’s already got into a fight with an arm that he felt was attacking him (and rather embarrassingly needed Splash to help him out).


i found a bit of advise that may help with Dr Evil GM James: In summary, the ideal hero should plan ahead, scout the area beforehand and be willing to talk or outthink a problem before resorting to combat. Stay together, be well equipped, and don’t trust a word the GM says.

Stay alive whilst im gone.


Hay! Just cos’ I am not trust worthy does not mean you have to tell everyone!


still having trouble with Mr “disappear off into the dark, alone, with no way to see” being the one to advise us to stay together and plan ahead…. even a month later!


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