Deacon Jacob

Like the rest of the world, faith was changed by the war. Most was destroyed, and what was left was twisted almost beyond recognition...

4 7 7 3 3 8 8
Secondary Skills . Armour DR DT
Action Points 9 Robe
Carry Weight 125 AC 13
Melee Damage 1 Normal 20 0
Poison Resist 35 Laser 25 0
Radiation Resist 14 Fire 10 0
Sequence 14 Plasma 10 0
Healing Rate 2 Explode 10 0
Critical Chance 8

Traits Chem Resistant – Jacob is only affected by chems for half the usual duration, and only suffers half the usual chance of addiction.

Skills Base +/- Total Tagged?
Small Guns 37 +20 57 Y
Big Guns 16 0 16
Energy Weapons 16 0 16
Unarmed 54 0 54
Melee Weapons 44 0 44
Throwing 32 0 32
First Aid 20 0 20
Doctor 15 0 15
Sneak 29 0 29
Lockpick 25 0 25
Steal 24 0 24
Traps 15 0 15
Science 12 0 12
Repair 9 0 9
Pilot 30 0 30
Speech 15 +20 35 Y
Barter 12 0 12
Gambling 40 0 40
Outdoorsman 20 +20 40 Y
  • Steel Crossbow and 15 bolts
  • Sharpend pole
  • Knife

Deacon Jacob’s ancestors lived in the remote farming village XXXXX, high up in the mountains. When the war came, their village was left untouched, in fact, other than a few very unusual sunsets, they didn’t notice it at all. In 2086, almost 10 years after the war, a lone survivor stumbled upon them. Although he was to poisoned with radiation sickness to live long, he was able to tell the villagers of what had happened in the wider world.

Thanks to the looming mountain range and the prevailing wind coming in from the Pacific, XXXX had been mercifully free from nuclear fallout. This was taken as a sign that god had seen their faith and spared them, and for another 50 years life continued as it always had.

Then things started to change. Deacon Jacob started to ask some awkward questions. Whilst he never questioned the evil nature of technology, since the effects of this were plain to see, he did start to question some of the other foundations of his people’s beliefs. After all, if god had smote the world, yet spared us, wasn’t he sending a message to mankind? Wasn’t it our duty to spread his message? And if god was smiting the heretics, shouldn’t we do the same?

A period of shunning for Jacob ensued, as is right for someone who goes against his people. It was during this period that another, unprecedented event happened. The wind changed. No longer was it bringing in clean air from the ocean, it now carried the taint from the rad desert to the East. Before they were through shunning him, the other villagers had degenerated into mewling sickly things. Which was also, clearly, a message. So Jacob took up his trusty crossbow, and began to walk, searching for those to whom he could pass the Lord’s messages.

Along the way, he came to realise there were degrees of technology. There were less advanced types, such as guns, water recyclers and cars, reliance upon which was an impediment to following the path of the Lord and weakening of the spirit, much as wealth and adultery. Practitioners of such were not irredeemable, but should undergo suitable penance. And then there exists another level of tech, the robots, the cyborgs and the computers. This level, and the people who make or use them, are not redeemable, and must be cleansed by whatever means necessary, for they are a blight upon the earth.

Deacon Jacob

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